Friday, May 16, 2014

flashback friday ...

Annicka's fillings!

I'm sad to say that dentist appointment day (during spring break)
resulted in finding out that three out of the four kids had at least one cavity!

Liam lucks out, again!!!

(I just think it's funny that my little blue eyed child seems to defy some of
the family genetics so far - like being the only one who doesn't wear glasses!  lol)

 I was not thrilled with this finding! 
see it?

 see it now?

 now I know you see it!
yes folks, that is a black widow spider!
I found this after carrying this outdoor toy through my house ...
through my house!!!
I am not a fan of spiders, so after discovering it I was trying to hatch a plan
to get it off this thing so I could stomp it out!
Annicka came over and as we stood there debating the best way to go about this
murder, my neighbor noticed us and walked over.

she saw it.  she grabbed a short stick.  she squashed it.
case closed.

that plan was a no go in my world, as I'm sure that spider would have ran up
that tiny stick and onto me ... and the whole neighborhood would have known about it!!!

 it was just too cute finding that the boys decided to share a bed this night!

 Zoey doesn't really cuddle, not usually anyway, but I would still title these "snuggle bugs"!
just chillin on the couch together, all cuddled up and cute!

 last week (monday) Jericho had his two fillings filled!
this was a first for him, Annicka is usually our cavity kid - and it's fine
I share this, she doesn't mind at all ... frankly if she did perhaps her teeth would
be better taken care of and she wouldn't have had three cavities!
in her defense, even when she was little she had a lot - 
they said her teeth were very tight in the back which lends to more cavities!
and she actually hadn't had any in a few years!!!
needless to say, I am trying to be more vigilant about regular brushing for all the kids!

Jericho is a bit more of a nervous/wiggly dentist patient ...
so we gave the laughing gas a shot - frankly if that was "relaxed" for him,
I would hate to know how he would be without it!
lol, he wasn't that bad ...
but he was still a bit wiggly and even said "ow" several times!

 just a girl and her bestie!!

 she is doing the sign & sound for bird!!!
I love that she notices the little sounds around us when we are outdoors!

 the "card" that came with my breakfast in bed, a day early for mother's day!
I have to say - that simple sentence spoke a lot to me.
we've had a tough couple weeks (including this week, after this card) and my
lovely beauties tend to vent their emotions with words, I have
no idea where they get that from (ahem, me - ME!).
anyway, words can definitely hurt.
so reading "we all really love you" was very sweet and it sort of reminded me
that even when their words are saying otherwise, they really do
love me - they are just upset with the situation and/or want to be in control.

I definitely have my work cut out for me.
my children are very bright and they each have a mind of their own.
they are each passionate about their own views.
I love them each so very much and I am seeing some areas where the "reigns"
definitely need to be brought in, a lot!
pray for me!!

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