Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the Capitol Building

a couple months back our homeschool group had a field trip to the State Capitol!
it was very interesting and I was really glad we had joined them!

Zoey doesn't have school on Fridays, so she came with us!

I love palm tree lined streets!
we parked in a parking garage and this was a view on our 
walk to get to the capitol building!  love it!!!

there it is!!

the clouds were forming a pretty cool "pattern" that looked really cool above the building!

there is a lot of detail - both inside and out!
I loved the detail - I loved the wood work - I loved the floors - love!
I'll let the next few pics speak for themselves!

(I liked how it looked all blurry)

(cool elevator)

(neato pattern the lights create)

(my view of little miss)

we got to see our district's assembly office!

all the homeschool kids with the bear!!

the other side of the building!

oddly, I don't remember taking this pic?

back view from across a street!

I think it had began raining (again) while we were inside!
before we left I got pics of the seals (or whatever they're called) outside!

we saw a video on the making of this one!

so, there it is, our visit to the California State Capitol Building!
I hope to go back to take photos with my good camera ... it was so beautiful there!


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