Friday, April 18, 2014

Flashback Friday ... January

I've decided that Friday should be for flashing back to things that never made it to the blog!  I have had a minute to flip through my facebook books (that I had printed up) and realized that all my instagram pics do, indeed, get included - so no need to repeat all those here (unless, of course, I really want to)!  ... this means I need to find my charger (again) and start using my good camera more - for blog pics!!  I have used it several times lately, so that's a start!

anyway, here goes ...

I was real proud of getting my kitchen sparkling clean!

view from my back yard, on a particularly beautiful sunset day!

my girls! 

this pic is lame - the moon was amazing and I was attempting
to capture it's glory, but just couldn't!

Jericho had a birthday!!!
(p.s. I have still not done the kids "annual" birthday pics ... from last year ... sigh)

rather than wrapped gifts, Jericho requested a scavenger hunt ...
daddy is great at that and had it all ready when we got home that night!

the basketball games began!!!
we went to the first two as a family ... but the second time daddy decided to let Zoey
play - she managed to get away from him ... I was sitting there watching
when suddenly I see my tiny baby girl run right into the court - and the action was coming her way!
after that, I did practices and daddy did games!

Zoey turned four, we remember!
and though I've shared the adorable "crying" pics ... 
I have pics to prove that she was happy that morning as well!!!

oh look, a smile!!!

her newest favorite show - Mickey Mouse Club House!!!

opening presents!
it was so cute - she was so into it!

I adore her reaction to this one!
all the videos are cute, of course!


  and that concludes this weeks "flashback friday"!
(again, I'm pretending I'm actually going to be able to keep up on here)

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  1. Flashback Friday is a great idea and was fun to read! I love the photo of Anika and Zoey.....We love scavenger hunts around here too. We often do hunts instead of wrapping! WOW - Jericho's cake looks deliciously lethal.