Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday - January

time again for some flashbacks!!!

for Zoey's birthday, Annicka and I made her a "tie-dye" cake!

I managed to capture some pics of my "babies"!
I have to say, for the most part Liam is very patient with Zoey ...
she adores him and I pray that he will be able to grasp her love for him and be 
more and more patient - and more and more willing to include her!
for now, it is hit and miss (but happens more and more) ...
and when he does give her some time & attention, it's absolutely heart melting!

she wasn't excited for a pic, but sissy and I wanted one of this cool "rainbow" on the mall floor!

she's getting so big!
last summer she was just starting to wear 2T clothes, she nearly
skipped right over and now wears mostly 3T (and even 4 in shirts of brands that run small)!!
my baby!

I was pretty proud of getting the bathroom all organized!

while these three were being crazy outside ...

these two were watching from inside!!!

and then this happened!
and right there I caught one of my all favorite photographs!

loved this sky!

I discovered that when put in time out ... Zoey actually just stays there!
that's a first for me, all my other kids would fight it and get up over and over!!

sweet sleeping boys!

I was also proud to (finally) clean up and organize my laundry closet!

I really loved this photo capture!
Annicka is doing school work and Zoey is coloring!
(p.s. Zoey's coloring continues to blossom - she LOVES to draw!)

for the 100th day of school, everyone dressed like a 100 year old!
here's Liam with his teachers after school ... his cotton ball mustache long gone!

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  1. Very cool cake! Wow - your bathroom looks great too!