Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

 last night, all ready for church!
my babies!!!

 Annicka happily joined in for some pics ...
Jericho would not.  grrrr.

*I did not make them brush their hair - so excuse the messy hair dos*
 this morning I got up early to put together their goodies - they got
quite spoiled this year!  along with all these goodies, we are going to be ordering
a basketball hoop (when daddy is back home to help put it together)!!
thanks again to Nana & Grandaddy, Grandma, Uncle Kris, and Auntie Layla for pitching in
on that - Jericho is especially excited, but we are all excited to have it!!!

 I went out and hid eggs so we could have a fun egg hunt!!!

 I picked the Disney eggs because I couldn't resist how cute the ones with ears were!
Zoey got the idea right away (though she did need a little prompting)!!!

 he's having fun!!!

 sweet brothers, showing Zoey where to find more eggs!!!

 she's loving this!!

 he's all done and ready to go inside and dig into the candy inside his eggs!!!
love this kids adorable face!!!

 looking all around ...

 Zoey really loved it and she was adorable!
the big kids were so fast, and admittedly I was so focused on Zoey, that I didn't
manage a single pic of them on the hunt!!  but they found plenty!!

 it was a good time for all!

Happy Easter from our place to yours!
praise the Lord, Jesus is Risen!!!

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  1. Love, love, love Liam's expressions of joy with his eggs. It looks like a fantastic day for the kids.