Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring has sprung ...

technically (by date, that is) it was not quite spring yet! 
but it was definitely feeling like spring (and the first day of spring was just days away)
as we were getting nicer days, more sunshine, and more opportunities to play outside!

so, we got something for the "babies" ... 
a shiny, new swingset!!!

Liam was actually our first tester - he loved testing out the swing!!!
later Zoey got her first try ... she went for the slide first and wasn't quite sure
about her plop-on-the-ground landings!  ha ha ha!!!

also that day - THIS happened!!!
craziness, my baby boy lost his first tooth!!!
it was quite wiggly and I guess Jericho explained to Liam how to get it out,
Liam must have been really listening because he got it out!  lol!!!

back to the fun outside!!!

they both love it!
Zoey often asks to "go ouside"!
(she doesn't quite pronounce the "t")
happy spring to all!!!

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