Thursday, June 14, 2012

we "heart" sleepovers!!!

 we had the privilege of another sleepover with our little buddies last month!
I truly love being able to help out my friends by watching their kids,
it's something I haven't had a lot of opportunity to do with other friends -
but I've found that it's something I enjoy so much!

so when our good friends asked us if we minded having a day with 
their kids, it was a quick yes!  and since it would be an early 
morning we decided to just do a sleepover, cause it was easier for everyone!

and now just so you all know just how fabulous my hubby is ...
after I got them all settle with a movie (above pic) - I left!!!
can you believe that?
it shouldn't be a surprise, after all - when I was out of town to see
my parents my hubby watched them for a day, because I was
supposed to!  yah - he's amazing!

the kids were good for him - pretty much watched the movie 
and fell asleep ... so I didn't have to feel too bad about going and 
keeping another friend company and getting to catch up with her!

 the following day there was much fun to be had!
I didn't really take pics, except these two - just while
they were playing outside!  and being a little silly too!

but I did need to do a quick mini photo shoot for a special project I had planned
for my friend for mothers day ... is that weird?  that I gave my friend a mothers day gift?
I've never done that before, but just thought it would be fun!
(I just decorated a little picture frame for her)

yah, our friends have gorgeous kids!
and let me tell you they're very well behaved too!!!
I hope to be able to have lots more fun days like this one in the future!

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