Saturday, June 9, 2012

fishing for mercy ...

oh - our Annicka, she's a clever one ... well, they're all clever - but this night I took photographic "note" of her cleverness!  it was "friend friday", as I've termed it, the night our bestest Cali buds come over with their two kiddos!  we take turns doing dinner, each week alternating and occasionally sharing/doing it jointly!  the grown ups have a great time, the kids have a great time, we all look forward to it.

so, Annicka was grounded to her room this night ... most likely for her attitude.  anyway, a little bit into the evening daddy noticed this note dangling from the staircase!  you can see what his answer was, but if I remember correctly she did get to come down later. 

we all got a good laugh out of her ingenuity and plea for mercy!

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