Tuesday, June 19, 2012

how to clean a bow ...

making hair bows is one of those things that takes quite a bit of
time - it's not that it's actually difficult, it's just effort and time consuming!

so one always hopes that they'll hold up!

that being said, Zoey has managed to effectively destroy one bow in
her life time ... doing so because she ripped it out of hair
and then ripped it apart before any one noticed!
considering how many bows I've made, and how often she takes them out - 
I'm confident in saying that our record is good!

but recently I was faced with a problem ...
someone (who shall remain nameless) either didn't notice and thought
it was no big deal that she (allegedly) took out her bow and
played with it during a meal - resulting in a spagetti covered bow!

I wasn't about to throw it out just 'cause it was dirty,
so I had to come up with a way to clean it -
and it was SO easy!  

so, I just thought I'd share for anyone else who may need to clean a bow!

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