Thursday, June 7, 2012

baseball begins!

our opening ceremonies & 1st game for baseball this year!  we all went, even daddy, and I -of course- took a few pics!  it ended up being real cold with the wind - so to keep Zoey's little legs warm daddy gave her his socks - lol!  it was a great 1st game and bubba enjoyed it ... and we enjoyed watching and supporting him!  now the season is coming to an end, I'm real proud of his progress ... he is both throwing and hitting much better!  he is to the point that I think he's gotten a little bored, or something, cause he's been less enthusiastic ... but it's provided great opportunities for talking about being part of a team and being dependable and all that!  we'll see if he will continue to want to do baseball in the future ... for now, I'm enjoying it - it's pretty fun!

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