Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zoey's new "do"!!!

 no - not a hair cut! 
that was going to be this summer -her first hair cut- but with our
Oregon trip off, so is her hair cut (cause we're waiting, so Yaya can cut it)!
but last month I pulled Zoey's hair back one day, just to get it out
of her face ... and I ended up totally loving the style!

she left the clip in too - which is something that really varies with her!
often as soon as I put something in her hair, she'll take it straight
out ... but lately she's done a little bit better!  in fact, the other day she
left her bow in for hours - I was astonished!

anyway, I've been pulling her hair back like this fairly often ...
and I took pics around that first time, cause I loved it so much!
we're waiting on those "bangs" hairs to grow longer and not be in her face 
all the time ... so she gets lots of pony-tails to get those up!

but this is her "elegant" look - lol!

 I think this day she took the clip out - and got mad cause I put it back in!

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