Sunday, June 10, 2012

fun stuff!!!

 yah, I'm not even gonna try to deny that I'm completely spoiled!
so, here's my second big gift of the year - a silhouette cameo cutting machine!
I started hearing about these sometime last year and knew I
definitely wanted one ... then I realized just how much you can do with it -
it can even cut heat transfer material, for shirts and such!
that was pretty exciting to me - and I figured it would open up the possibilities
for "the biz" ... so I just had to have it!  I think I caught my
hubby in a moment of weakness or something (it was right after we
found out about Korea) and he said "use your credit card and go ahead and
get it".  WOW!  thanks honey!

so, as is usual for me - I haven't put it to great use ... yet!
getting off the computer finding the time to play
with it has proven to be a challenge ... I seem to spend all sorts of time
online finding super duper fun projects I can do
(in general, not just for this machine)
but I fail to move forward and actually do any of them -
I'm trying to get determined to change that!

anyway, the first "project" I did was just a quick testing out to
make my cameo "mine" ...

 nice right?!

my second, and only other, project was a shirt for Zoey!
I knew I needed to test out how well the heat transfer material will
wash and wear before I use it for items to sell!
I just used one of the silhouette designs, which I won't be able to do
for sale items - and I'm really bummed about that because
they have some super cute designs.
(I've yet to try to make my own designs - but clearly I'm going to need to learn)
anyway, I debated but ended up deciding on a cute little carousel
for her shirt!  I was quite impressed with how it turned out...

I was super scared to wash it, I was just sure it was going to fall apart
and the design was going to be ruined.  it didn't help that
lots of people were saying that's exactly what happened when they washed their
shirt projects.  but guess what?
it washed up quite nicely and still looked amazing!

it's been washed a total of four times now and still looks great!
I'm so happy and can't wait to design some shirts
to sell!  it's going to make phrases & names and that sort
of stuff so much easier!  yay!!!

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