Sunday, March 11, 2012

worn out!

I know, right, I'm posting about shoes.
worn out shoes!
... but, remember, this blog is our scrapbook - and I want
to remember some of these little details of life
with kids that I might forget one day!

I know that as Annicka has gotten older she has
worn out some of her shoes pretty good - but I'm not sure
if I ever took any photos of the poor old shoes?
worn beyond belief ... way beyond what should be worn.

so, I decided to take a pic of these two pair of
shoes of Jerichos ... before I threw them out!
this had been deemed "play" shoes a good couple months
ago ... but he kept wearing them to school!
and when I really looked at their condition, I realized
they were pretty far beyond even ok for play!
for crying out loud I could see through
one of them!!!  that's kids for ya - hard on stuff!!!
... I love it!

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