Saturday, March 17, 2012

car seat switch-a-roo ...

 so, Liam's birthday brought about a big milestone - forward facing!
he was so close to the weight limit for rear-facing that I went
ahead and switched him back to his old carseat (that 
was a nightmare to install rear-facing) and turned him around!

that way, his carseat - that I love, LOVE! - would
be free for Zoey to have!  I ordered the new
cover for it (black & hot pink) but it's on back order,
so it will be a bit before we get it!  in the
meantime, I noticed (Feb. 24) that she was seriously
too big for her infant seat - so the next day
I pulled out "Liam's" old one and installed it for her and
we all headed out for a fun afternoon in SLO!

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