Saturday, March 10, 2012

my juice diet ...

 so, February 19 I began a little adventure!
I wanted it to be a ten day juice "fast", but it ended up
lasting only five days!  if only the juice just had
a bit better taste, I could have kept going!
I had no hunger - seriously.
... and it's not that the juice tastes that bad,
it's more that when that's all you have (apart from water)
and you have it three times a day, it gets old fast!
anyway, I think even five days did me
a world of good as far as cleansing my body and
getting me on a better path with my
diet in general, gotta get this high cholesterol down!
also, it got me drinking plenty of water
again and got my constant soda habit broke - 
without any headaches, too!!!

so, on my last day - I took some pics of the process ...

wash and slice vegies & fruits ...

juice everything ...

yum ...

lots to clean ...

now it's all ready for the next round!

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