Thursday, March 8, 2012

quotes of the week ...

I had these on my cell phone (I'm trying to use that now to "record" the cute things, so I can remember them for later) and am finally getting them on here!  Jericho's was a few weeks ago, but Liam's was this week!

Jericho told me this one day in the van while we were waiting for Annicka:
"you know what I'm gonna do with this pencil when I grow up?  I'm gonna sign autographs, cause I'm gonna be a singer, I'm gonna get lots of autographs"

Liam and I were playing that he was cooking me food and I was eating it!  So, on about my tenth round of imaginary food, he told me I had eaten his spatula!  oh my gosh - hilarious!  that boy amazes me with his vocabulary!

while driving one day, I turned the corner to the main road that our road is off of and hear from the back seat -
Liam:  "that was scary - you call that driving!"  wow.  he's a keeper!

I thought I would take note of Liam's current favorite word:  lame  ... yes, you read that right!  my barely four year old uses the word "lame"!  as in, "you put a lame show on" or "this show is lame", etc.  I'm not even sure where he heard this word, but he uses it appropriately - even if annoyingly!

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