Thursday, March 1, 2012

quotes of the week ...

so, I'm working on this healthy eating thing (I'm writing this the day after being on a five day juice diet) with the kiddos too, but Liam insisted on goldfish for breakfast!  not that it's much better - but I told him he needed a cereal bar, he thought both was the option for him.  so, I went with it - he also decided to add a banana ... which I said was fine as well!  so, there he sat with his bowl of goldfish, cereal bar, and banana ... eating away!  daddy comes down stairs and Liam proclaims, "mama gave me everything I want"!  my hubby started laughing and I didn't know why (I hadn't heard Liam say that) and he told me what he had said, and by this time Liam was listing what was in his bowl!  ha ha ha, so funny!

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