Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I guess I'm taking a break ...

given that it's been over a week since anything has posted, I felt the need to say hi to anyone who keeps up with the blog ... and I wanted to just write a little note to my babies -

dearest little sweethearts,
   no, mama has not stopped her mamarazzi ways!  I have oodles of photos of you to put on the blog!  we have our 9 day trip up north and lots of little everything goings on that need to make there way here.  so, why aren't they here (yet) ... well, the truth is that I've been spending all my internet time looking at all sorts of crafty things!  reading how-to's and tutorials ... learning about the silhouette cameo - and ordering one!!!  (it's my early mothers day gift, I am so spoiled - I can't wait till it gets here!)  so, pinterest has been getting a lot of my attention, as well as multiple blogs.  but, little ones, don't worry ... surely soon I will sit down on the "real" computer (ie - not the laptop) and finish up editing all these photos and then getting them over here for our scrapbook blog!

   in the meantime, I love you sweet punkins! 
                              ~ Mama

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