Tuesday, October 29, 2013

our pumpkins ...

 our pumpkins

another first for us, our first time to carve pumpkins!!!
we've had pumpkins before, but they never got beyond just themselves - plain
'ol pumpkins sitting nicely as a front door decoration! 
I wanted to be sure to change that this year!
carving a pumpkin was one of my favorite things as a kid, so I wanted
my sweeties to get to have the fun of it too!
to simplify this, we planned to just carve one - together!
... but I was having so much fun, that I went ahead and carved Zoey's tiny pumpkin, too!

so, we have Annicka's painted "vampire" pumpkin,
our joint effort carved pumpkin,
Liam's easy-peesy Yoda pumpkin,
Jericho's painted "ghost" pumpkin (he did this one at school),
and Zoey's carved heart pumpkin!

they all enjoyed it ...
Liam did not enjoy pumpkin guts, he got a tiny piece on his finger and that was it - he 
was done ... until carving time (it was hard, but he got a turn)!
Zoey liked it too, but it was difficult to have her involved beyond feeling
the inside and observing, she was fine with that though!
and of course the big kids loved it, fought over their turns to carve,
all that fun stuff ... will sibling rivalry ever end?

all in all it was fun and I'm super happy I finally made the effort!
and now we have some cute little "jack-o-lanterns" adorning our front yard!

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