Thursday, October 24, 2013

am I back?

I feel like I'm writing a letter to a long lost friend.  actually, lately I've been missing blogging like it's a long lost friend!  there have been some pretty big changes in the last two months:

1) my hubby is back from his short tour (a year) in Korea
2) we moved!!!  we're still in California, but we moved about 7 hours away!
3) Liam is back in school (we decided to stop homeschooling him and he began kindergarten
    at the local charter school last thursday!)

those are the three things that are the biggest & most significant!  but of course there have been many changes for all of us!  both Jericho and Zoey had to start their new schools and I have had to accept that zumba (yah, the blog totally missed out on all my obsession with zumba) may not be a part of my life, hopefully just for a while!

so, that's where we are!  we're getting settled here and I'm feeling like I'm really loving it.  I'm still adjusting to not having my little Liam home with me - and he is still adjusting to school.  Zoey rides the bus to her school, because it's a good half hour drive!!  she adjusted to that quite quickly, though the first day she cried and was very upset ... I walked into the house bawling my eyes out.  to say I'm having some real challenges as a mommy would be very accurate - but I feel like I'm learning to let my babies go, just a bit!

so, am I back? 

well, I sure hope so.

I have been thinking about the blog so much lately and have been missing having this space to document our memories ... I always think of the kids and think: "will they remember this?"

I still take pictures, so I hope that will be enough.  but it means so much more to have the stories and little memories that even I forget about later!  so, there may end up being some "catch up" here and there - of the things that really stick out in my mind! 

for today, I will be sharing a few photos, cause every good post needs a few photos!!!

I will share our photos from our trip a very fun little pumpkin farm ...

 I can't get over these kids!  
I keep staring at these pics and thinking:
"oh my, where are my babies"!!!

 hahaha!  Jericho has become quite the little poser lately!  he was very into pics this day!

 the boys really enjoyed these fun photo props!!

 obviously these pics aren't in order, lol!
we finished our outing with everyone picking their pumpkin!!

 it has been some time since I've even made an attempt at a pic of all four kids, it's just
always so difficult and usually stressful!  ha ha!  but this day, it was spontaneous (I just decided
hey kids, everyone sit there and lets take a pic) and I have to say I was really 
happy with what I got!  my four blessings - I'm so lucky!!!!

 they had a huge slide!  so fun!  
both of the boys went down it!  and after you go down the slide, you get 
to pan for gold marbles!!!

  this was pretty cool!  that's the railroad grand-daddy used to work for!
(again, Jericho the poser - he completely posed himself!)


 the corn maze!
we have some fun videos too - I'll have to see if I can figure out
how to get them on here!  I've forgotten all that technical stuff - lol!!

 we had lots of yummies while there!
garlic fries, hot dogs, carmel candy covered apples, apple pie, ice cream - OH MY!!!

 the sunflower labrinth!  everyone got to pick a sunflower!
(oh and just as I snapped a pic, Annicka told Zoey to stick out her tongue!)

 this pic really seems to describe Zoey!
beautiful, amazing little girl ... with a lot of spunk!!

 a ladybug landed on his glasses!!

 how sweet is this, for real?!

 the petting zoo ... 
Zoey really loved the animals!  so did Liam! 

 we tried and tried to get a cute pic of Zoey - but this was as good as I got!
(wearing a skirt mama made)

jumping over pumpkins! 
I loved watching the boys run through the pumpkin patch ... 
and when Jericho starting jumping it felt just like I was watching a picture perfect moment!

(written October 23, 2013)

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