Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas parties ...

Zoey, Liam, & Jericho all had school parties!!
I wasn't able to make it to Jericho's ... however, despite the fact that they
were on the same day - they were at different times, so I was able to go to both!
it was so cute and so fun!
here are some pics ...

apparently Zoey really liked the felt tree and would decorate it often!

they sang some songs for us ... well, the other kids sang - not Zoey - lol!

Zoey got to be the instrument helper - so adorable!!!

some cookie decorating!

and I (barely) managed to get a pic of Zoey with Ms Karen!

when we came into Liam's classroom, they were all lined up - ready to sing their songs!
it was beyond cute!  I did get some video before I ran out of space!


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