Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas eve 2013 ...

 once the kids had opened their ONE present (a Christmas Eve tradition),
saw that Buddy had brought one last surprise (the stockings & nightlight),
and sat cookies & soda out for Santa - they all headed for bed!
which meant time for Mama to do all the wrapping and present setting out -
while Daddy assembled a play kitchen!!!

 I take a Christmas eve pic - or two, or ten - every year!
I love how nostalgic it feels to have the lights on the tree glowing,
while all the gifts await the children!
so special!!

 I changed things up just a bit this year!  
each kid still had their own specific wrapping paper (for the "Santa" gifts), 
but I didn't put them in piles - I decided it might actually be more
fun to have them under the tree so there was a search!
I took an idea from a blog I LOVE and put a small piece of wrapping paper in each kid's stocking,
so since stockings are always first they find out which paper is theirs!!
so this year's Christmas Eve pics are a bit more "moderate" ...
and, granted - yes I do better each year at reigning myself in on the present purchases ...
but there are plenty of gifts for each child stuffed under that tree!
(including ones from the grandparents, aunt, uncle, & cousins)

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