Friday, January 31, 2014

random December ...

here's all the random, daily photos that I had up on instagram in December!!! 
(along with what I wrote with it)

in random order ...
"lunch time fun"
it should have said sauce fun - lol!  the kid is crazy for "sauce" - almost any standard type!!!

"he looks so small out there!!  #basketball #kids #sports #practice "

"teacher & school office gift time!!!  between four kids we have 11 teachers!!!  and we have to include the principal and 'office ladies', too !!!  #latenight "

"all done!!!  #teachergifts #christmas #seasonofgiving "
between the four kids, this is the breakdown:
Annicka has a "st" (I think that's what we call her - basically she helps us make
sure we're on track with the homeschooling); Jericho has his 3rd grade teacher and then
also has his reading teacher; Liam has his teacher and "para" (not sure what she
is technically called either, but she's a second teacher with the main teacher - I guess); the boys 
have their principal and two "office ladies"; Zoey has her lead teacher, two paras, two 
speech therapists, and an occupational therapist - plus she has her two bus drivers!!!
so that was fifteen "teacher" gifts in all!  phewf!!!

this one wasn't on instagram ... and I think it was taken in November - can't remember for sure!
it's Zoey's preschool photo ... I love her smile!  I was disappointed they took off her glasses
though - still a pretty adorable pic though!!!

"love the views we get waiting for the bus!!!  blurry moon - but in real life it's awesome!!"

"our bigger ghost shrimp didn't last long :(  our little one has found a spot he likes!!! 
 He's on there all the time!!"
*note: the other ghost shrimp, pictured here, disappeared a couple weeks later ... and the snails have
since died!  what are we doing wrong?  lol*

"making lunches!  I just can't resist making food cute - lol!!  #christmas #lunch 
#schoollunch #christmasfood "

"look!!!  it's the gnome mobile!!! #gnomemobile "

"I'm really getting a kick out of this ... our little Zoey still loves Caillou!  She has a few 'routines' for getting all comfy and enjoying her show - this is one of them!  On the floor with Bubby's kindle, covered with mama's blanket and munching on potato chips!  Living in the lap of luxury - my little princess!!!!"

"ha ha!  This is how I feel!!!  We came in here, then realized we don't have time to sit and eat ... Bummer!  Food to go it is!!!!  #applebees "

"Caillou time ... again!!!  lol #caillou #kindle #tinyfeet #hiding "

"snacky picnic lunch & #christmas #classic #movies #classicmovies #oldmovies #christmasmovies "

"... hoping my daughter will appreciate that I turned her story into a book!"

"nothing can compare to #fultanos #canby "

"my little artist"

"always love when the littles get so enthralled with a special Christmas decoration!!  #christmas #littlekids #decorations #treasurethemoments #dontblink "

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