Thursday, January 23, 2014

four years old.

so, yes ... it's been a while.  what's new?

Zoey is four today!!!!

as we see here, she was thrilled about the mini photo session I had planned!
really I just wanted to get some adorable pics of her on her birthday, in her birthday outfit ...
before she went to school and potentially destroyed it (the outfit, that is)!

she has this little morning routine ~ it includes a diaper change, getting dressed,
having her "med milk" (that's her milk with her prevacid & allergy medicine in it - because
there's no way she'll take the medicines alone!), being offered a bit of something to 
nibble on - offered being the key word, getting socks & shoes on, and then watching one of
her favorite shows (Caillou or, her new fave, Mickey Mouse Club House) - all cozy in her chair - until it's time to get her coat on and go wait for the bus ...
no where in that routine does "mini photo session with mama" fit in!!!

in my opinion, I still got adorable pics of her ...
because to me the way she was so passionate with her cry was, honestly,
sort of hilarious!  doesn't she just look like a little princess on her throne, having a little hissy fit!!
yep, our princess!!

anyway, I could go on and on and on about how I can't believe she is four years old.
four years old?

she's my baby, how can she be a four year old?
I've even had a touch of baby fever as I look at my kids and how big they're all getting,
and it really sinks in that we are done with babies and have only years left of
even having little kids in the house.  it's weird.  right now I don't like thinking about it.
but - it is what it is.  I'm trying to focus on these four and fill in some of 
the gaps I see, as far as behavior ... all I can say is ... pray for me!!  LOL!!!
and now, a word about my lack of blogging ...

honestly, as far as this blog goes, I'm trying to remember that the whole purpose
is that we have these memories to treasure - ideally in book form, though so far I've only
afforded to get books printed through 2009!  that means I really need to find a way
to get 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 printed by the end of this year - that way I'll be "caught up"
and will be able to just print each year as it ends!  but I must remind myself that I
do not blog for readers ... I just happen to have a few people who seem to enjoy reading
this blog.  don't get me wrong, I'm totally cool with that - and I do blog for our family and friends
who like to keep up with us a bit ... but, as I was saying, I have to remind myself
that the point is to capture memories that we can treasure as a family!  that means that it doesn't
matter if everything makes it onto this blog ... it doesn't matter if the photos are
the best ... it doesn't matter if it's all in chronological order (ahem: Christmas, New Years, and
Jericho's birthday are yet to come - but today I blogged about TODAY!) ... none of it
matters ... I must repeat this to myself, often!  and so, there is my incredibly long "spout" on 
nothing in particular!  lol!  but, again, it's because I know I'll go back and read this
all one day - and will need the reminder, again!!!

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  1. I love the pics... priceless! Question: which company do you use to print your blog into a book?