Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! it's 2014!!!

I know, it's been a while.  I promise, though, this time I really do have some good "excuses"! 

 let's see, I left off on December 18, a wednesday ... thursday was both Zoey and Liam's class parties - both of which included little songs, so I had to be there (don't worry, there's photos)! 

 then friday was the last day of school - for a whopping three weeks!!!
I know, right!!!
well, for all but Annicka, that is!

with the last weekend before Christmas I was busy and lazy - both of which continued right
up until Christmas day!  grocery shopping for a nice Christmas dinner, running out
for things I had forgotten, new stocking at the last minute (Christmas Eve, like - literally
last minute!) ... there was Buddy the Elf to keep up with, stockings to hang, gifts
to wrap ... there were kids to keep busy, crafts to do, cookies to bake!


we had such a nice Christmas!
and the day after I left on an airplane, Oregon bound ... to see my grandma for one last time.
sadly, she passed less than two hours after I landed ...
I didn't make it to her in time.
 that is so hard for me.

never the less - I got to see my parents, my aunt, my cousins, my best friend, 
Yaya (aka: Melissa - who fixed up my hair for me), and even one of my brothers!
I ended up having a good time ...
a hard time, it was definitely not an "easy" week ...
an emotional time, I have had to say good-bye to few people I love ...
but, overall, it was what I would call a "good" time, if that makes sense.

here's a quick little recap/sneak peek in photos ...
I decided this year to the angel my Grandma made on my tree!
I believe it is the start of a new tree top tradition!

on Christmas Eve the kids got to decorate sugar cookies!
well, except sleeping Liam - he had crashed out!
it was really fun and yummy too - I even made the frosting!
in fact, my hand mixer decided to poop out while I was making the frosting/icing ...
while in Oregon, my aunt gave me my Grandma's - so special!

our little spunky, sweet Zoey!!!
refusing to just stay still & smile for a pic!!!  ha ha!!!

Santa had come - Christmas Eve 2013!!!

so much fun watching them open their gifts - and love them!!!
we did learn, this year, that teenagers are hard to please ... what?!!!

with their new treasures!
even managed to get a smile from the teenager!!!

the day after Christmas I woke up at 3am for my 5:55am flight!
my man drove me to the airport, we got there about 4:15 ish ...
long lines, me panicking, I made it to my gate at 5:30 and couldn't believe
they hadn't started boarding yet!  thank goodness I made it ...
I had a row to myself, thanks to the 18 people that didn't make it (it was supposed to be full)!!

*insert sigh here*
dopey me, photo taking me, can you believe that I forgot to get a pic with my parents!!!
I could cry.
I especially wanted a pic of my dad with his goatee!!!
still can't believe I forgot.  grrr.

my grandma's service was on monday, December 30.
tuesday I got my hair colored & cut and then my most bestest friend/sister came to town to fetch me!

I got to spend New Years with her and her beautiful family!
I am still pretty amazed by where we were ... 
oh yah, just partying with the fellas from the show Gold Rush!
pretty awesome!
there was karaoke, yummy food, a bonfire, even fireworks!
awesome time!!!

it was a very late night!
amazingly I was one of the first to wake the next morning (it was me and one of the kids) 
at nearly 9am!  slowly everyone awoke ... it was just a slow start to our lazy day!
I got to just sit around and visit with my friend, watch movies with her,
have yummy food - thanks to her hubby who cooked for us ...
so nice.
another early morning, this time waking at 3:45am for a 7am flight!
I am in love with taking pics from up in the sky ... 
I couldn't get enough!

home to my family greeting me at the baggage claim!
all those sweet faces!
all those snuggly, lovely hugs!
yummy breakfast at IHOP!

then a day of being chauffeur ...
not exactly what I had in mind - we went to the mall and then to Walmart,
the Christmas money was burning holes in little pockets!

so, now I am home.
Annicka is back to school at home tomorrow.
Jericho, Liam, and Zoey have one more week of playing and being home.
I have put away Christmas and started working
on some early spring cleaning/organizing.

2014 is off to a good start!

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