Thursday, August 30, 2012

the saddest quote ever!

so, we were coming home from school pick up (oh yah, Liam is in preschool and loving it) and when we pulled onto our street Liam exclaimed, "oh yay, daddy's home ... he can do the cheat code" (something game related for their current favorite game, which is something 'Cars'). 

I said "remember sweetheart, daddy left on the airplane ..." (by this time we had pulled into our driveway, so I turned around and looked at him and continued) "you were asleep, but he gave you a kiss and told you goodbye".

the look on his face was enough to bring me to tears, then his little face began to quiver and he says - in the saddest, down voice ever "I didn't get to see him".

that was it for me, the tears started to flow and I quickly got out and got him out and had a big long hug.

and, thankfully, a little game talk cheered him right up and now the boys are out there enjoying their game and I'm trying to stop my own tears - lol!

so, yes, yesterday daddy left for his short tour to Korea.  we won't see him until March or April (for his midtour - then he goes back) and he won't be back home until next August or September.  ahhh, the military life ... we've managed to avoid this since moving to Cali, so it's been a great three and a half years with him only gone a few times and never more than a few weeks!

so, now I'll say that Annicka is homeschooling this year for sixth grade, Jericho is back to school - second grade, Liam is in afternoon preschool, and Zoey will be heading to preschool once she turns three!  wow!!!
so, there's a quick update ... and maybe one of these days I'll get around to all those photos!!!

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