Friday, August 10, 2012

the military life ...

means saying good-bye!

look at these two silly gooses!

as we packed up to head off on our trip to Albuquerque, 
we also had to say good-bye to Annicka's little friend!
it's crazy to think that in just over two years of living on this street,
nearly every neighbor has moved - whether out of state
or just to a different house here on base...
but if I've calculated correctly, we are one of only three families
that remain (and I believe one of them is moving soon too)!
we knew these neighbors would be gone by the time we returned,
and it's sad to see such sweet and kind people go,
so I made sure Annicka got in a good-bye and even grabbed the
camera for some pics - as you can see they were quite
candid for me!  thankfully Annicka is finally old enough to keep
in contact, and I believe her and Madison will be long
distance friends forever!!!

p.s. I decided to just start posting sporadically, as I finish "groupings" of photos - I'll
get them up on here ... rather than waiting to finish all of them!  I've been working
hard on the house and now the garage and haven't really been making any time for photo
editing - so we'll be enjoying these randomly posted photos/stories!

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