Monday, September 10, 2012

the fourth of July!

argh. these photos are in majorly random order because blogger is being a pill!!! boo blogger!

anyway, for fireworks on the fourth of July we met up with some of our friends!
I didn't break our parking lot tradition, it just works too well ... why
ruin a good thing, right?  (if it ain't broken, why fix it?!)

it was lots of fun!
the kids especially had fun devouring all sorts of sugary, snacky foods ...
I was on day three of my "take shape for life" journey (btw, today marks 10 weeks
and I've lost 38lbs) so I had a soda and one of my bars - and, of course, water!

here's the pics:

watching the fireworks! 
... and eating!

Jericho is being silly, hiding behind his candy!
and Mady is being silly too!

there's silly Gaby ...
I think that concludes the silly face pics - lol!

Zoey was iffy, initially she seemed excited and like she like the fireworks ...
but then later she seemed like maybe she didn't like the noise!
here's a pic of all the kids but Liam, he had fallen asleep on the way!

fireworks ...

and friends!
(Traci & Josh)

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