Monday, June 2, 2014

little pool fun, part 1

so you remember the story of me buying the pool, but not being able to inflate it - so using Zoey's tiny pool! there are so many pics, I've decided to break it into at least two posts!!! here we go ...

 what a good big sister, blowing it up for them!!

everyone is so excited!!

all four can fit!  haha!!!!

having some fun with the hose!

she loves it!!!

the water war has begun!

Jericho has fled, Liam's got the girls ... I love this pic - all those smiles!!!

the girls fight back ...


Zoey is having a blast!

telling mama something - I think peace has been declared!

my girls!  CHEESE!

look at that sweet face boy!

big sissy found much joy in splashing Zoey!

good thing Zoey didn't mind!

and how many pics does it take to get an "ok" one?  well ...

 so there is part 1, more pics to come soon!!

p.s. it's June and school is nearly done - yahoooooo!!!!!

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