Monday, June 30, 2014

here for a second (basically) ...

so yes, we're home from our trip!

 we left around 6pm on monday, the 9th (Zoey's last day of school) ...
we stopped for dinner and then hit the road!!

we saw lots of family!!!

 we saw lots of animals at the zoo, the aquarium, and grandma's house -
Zoey loved all the dogs and cats there!!!

there was swimming ...


playing ...

hanging out at the house ...


visiting ...


food, fun, family ...
one last sunset ...


 then we were back on the road, headed home!

we were away from home for 17 days!
we spent a total of 46 hours "on the road" (including stops).

we got two kids through being sick,
a teenager through a mope fest while out to lunch,
our big group through the zoo and the aquarium/botanical gardens,
the hubby got to shop games stores with his brother,
I got to have a shopping day with my sis in law (it's tradition),
many quick runs to walmart,
lots of yummy food,
tons of fun, smiles, and laughter,
over 1500 photos taken,
video of cousins playing together and enjoying each other,
and on the way home we stopped to see friends!!!

it was a great trip!!
we're home now, but the kids and I are about to hit the road again -
Oregon bound!!!

so, the blog will continue to be quiet ...

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