Friday, December 6, 2013

friday fun & flashback ...

 let's start by flashing back to yesterday!
we have had some very cold weather - in the 30's and even 20's ...
so yesterday morning we woke to find we had icy windows on the vehicles!!!

 Annicka and I ran some errands - so we picked up lunch and got home just in
time to get everything in and then get Zoey off the bus!
bad mommy award: Zoey loves french fries and I even let her have the last sips of my soda!

 here's a real flashback: 2006!
man, how fast the time has gone!!!

 today us girls had a day out!!
Zoey doesn't have school on fridays, so we have much more time to 
get stuff done!  before heading into the mall, I snapped this pic of her and I!!
we were in the most fun candy shop when we began
to hear singing ... there was some sort of little musical group
performing (but they weren't actually singing - lol)!
Zoey enjoyed watching, but she really enjoyed seeing Santa!!!
(we could see him from where we were standing - & every time we pass him she has to see, too)
she's saying "hi Santa" in the video - adorable!!!

 ... and when we got to the school to pick up Liam (Jericho rides his bike)
I snapped this pic!  I love this view!  she's so sweet and precious - sound asleep!!!

 Liam (and Jericho, too) earned a perfect attendance pin!!!

and this was the scene just a bit ago - starting up a 3D movie!
I ended up joining them!!!

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