Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buddy the elf - catching up ...

day 9:  Buddy brought goodies to take to the gingerbread house party!

 day 10:  Buddy brought some hats to keep a bit warmer in this cold weather!

 day 11:  some fun crafts and some fun cookie cutters (we like to use them for sandwiches)!!

 the boys just couldn't wait - they were arting it up before school!
Annicka did hers later and once dry I hung them all on a front window!!
(I guess Buddy forgot Zoey's!  oops)

 day 12:  Buddy did some decorating - lights!!!  pretty!!!
he also brought a super fun toy (that I got on clearance last year - score!)
and some fun things to wear!!!  the little kids love the toy!!

later that night while the boys watched a movie with daddy,
Buddy snuck up and did some decorating in their room!!!
*I have to mention that this has been the most exciting Buddy surprise so far ...
probably because they were not expecting it!  to hear them gasp in awe
when they went up to bed, it really was a treasure in my heart!  Annicka & I giggled
hearing them and all their excitement ... it was so neat*
day 13:  Friday was meant to be a special treat ... photos with Santa
and dinner at the mall!  unfortunately one child (ahem, he's 8) suddenly decided
to be a pill, right when we got there!!!  it made for a somewhat
unpleasant outing for this mama on her birthday ... never-the-less I got "my"
Santa pic to treasure forever!  the big kids are over it
with Santa, I guess ... so now my inner debate is can I force them to keep
the tradition or not?  lol

Liam - waiting in line for Santa!!
this was the best!

day 14:  Buddy was late - but brought lots of fun stuff!
pizza to cook, donuts to eat, and some additions for our fish tank!

day 15:  a simple day, Buddy likes to remind the kids of the "reason for the season"!!!

day 16:  another fairly simple day!  
but it took quite a while for him to be found!!!  fun!!!

day 17:  today!!!  
we have some fun in store after school - Buddy brought some new candy melts
to use with our molds!!!  he also brought some home made ice cream!
(Annicka helps - she did the ice cream - thanks Annicka!!)

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