Tuesday, May 29, 2012


sunday, April 8th ... daddy took these pics - I was on my way home from Oregon!  why?

because my dad had a major heart attack on the 2nd, so my hubby got me a plane ticket to go up and see my dad and help my mom - as much as I could. hubby and the kids drove me to LAX on the 3rd and I stayed up in Oregon until Sunday - came home just in time to go to bed and wake up to a Monday morning and back to school! it was a bummer to miss out on spring break, but it was great to see my parents - unexpected though it was, and wishing it was under better circumstances!

the good news is that all my dad's tests have come back looking pretty great (he had two stents put into the main blockage, angioplasty on a second blockage, and they couldn't get to the third that night - but later tests showed it was gone!!!) and now he's in cardio rehab "classes" and getting back on track and back to normal!

easter morning

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