Sunday, May 27, 2012

back to March ...

 the bub - what an adorable little fella we've got there!!!

 here's a few of Zoey in her cute little jogging suit!
roaming around and playing with an "oldie" but goodie toy - 
one of those special ones, a friend passed it down when Jericho was a baby!

 you'd think he still naps, but I guess it's just that when he does fall asleep - day or night - it's
so funny and/or cute that I end up taking a pic of him asleep, often - LOL!

 my guys!
Jericho got to help daddy shave of his mustache on the last day of March!!!
 do you spy little Liam watching - so cute!

and, here's our little lovely lady ...

and now we're done with March, for real this time!

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