Saturday, May 5, 2012

another photo-less post ...

first, Happy Birthday Mom!!!  I know you're having a fabulous day filled with friends and great memories ... I wish I was there to be a part of all the fun, but I know you know I'm sending love from afar!

next, I realize how far behind I am with getting photos up on the blog - which I only mention as a reminder to myself that the photos won't be current with the dates of upcoming posts - like, at all!!!  I was thinking about it and realized that apart from the trip pics I still have all of March and all of April ... wow!  that's a LOT of pics!  maybe tonight I'll work on it, but I have so much going on this weekend that maybe not!

just for fun - here's what today looked like: 8am taking photos for someone, but the time didn't play out too well and so I was only able to snap a couple super fast shots ... 9:30am was Jericho's baseball photos ... 11am was his game ... then I was supposed to go to a park and finish up the photo session from this morning, but it ended up getting cancelled ... so right now I'm enjoying a moment of rest and then me and the big kids are off to the movies!  I have to get the kids outfits done as they have dress rehearsals (variety show) monday and tuesday and shows thursday and friday - and I basically haven't started, so there's a lot to do!  I'm planning to get started tonight - but we're also watching our favorite little friends overnight and tomorrow, so we'll see if I'm able to get that done ... wait a minute, I have to - one way or another - lol!!!  I know it will be fine and all work out - but man it just seems like it gets so crazy all at once around here!  I also got a last minute order yesterday for flower hair clips - I love to work under pressure, but all of it felt a bit overwhelming to me yesterday afternoon (I got the clips done last night, though, while our friends were here)!

so, once again, I'm telling myself that I will get on track with this blog soon.  I will. I WILL!

in the meantime, happy weekend to anyone reading!!!

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