Thursday, April 26, 2012

a reminder ...

tonight's post is purely something I need for myself.  to look back on ... some day, far in the future.  to be able to remember that tough times come, but they also go.  so, here goes ...

dear future self,
do you remember May 5, 2011?  yes, it was your mom's birthday but does it ring any other bells?  how bout the rest of that month?  do you remember September 2011?  do you remember March 31, 2012?  do you remember April 23, 2012 (or April 21, 24, 28)?  no?  GOOD.  now remember that you don't (hopefully) remember!  and the next time you're having a bummer of a day and you're just so upset over any little thing ... remember that later you won't remember - therefore, it's not such a big deal!

now, self, let's ask another question:  do you remember where you were living during those dates?  do you remember the many people you met, the people God brought to you, the people that were a part -any part- of your life?  yes!  GOOD.  say a prayer for each one of those people right now and thank God for the experience of meeting people He cherishes and loves.  

and, finally, self ... smile.  think of all the things you've accomplished and overcome!  are you a different person than you were back then?  have you made improvements?  what are the things you are still working on?  how has God worked in your life?  thank Him.  thank Him for loving you through your challenging days, thank Him for giving you peace, thank Him for showing you that those yucky times can be turned around and used for good ... most importantly thank Him for helping you to be still when you knew you couldn't be on your own!

sincerely, your past self

and by the way self, I know you ... I know that once this is printed into a book you'll look through it ever so often - as you love to look back at your photos and remember your kids when they were smaller and be sentimental and all that.  this means you'll read this more than once, probably many many times over the years!  this is a good thing, because it will also serve as a reminder to evaluate where you're at and where you're going.  keep on keeping on, you'll never be perfect ... that's not the point!

(5-5-12) p.s.  the dates really don't matter ... I could recall dates for all my life, but once again that just proves a point!  even some of the crap I can remember, I don't remember the date it happened!  I just want to be able to look back some day and see that those days hold nothing (hopefully, that is) despite the ugly they may hold at one time!  I also thought about this and decided that it's one more reminder to focus on and remember all the good!  (5-5-12)

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