Thursday, April 12, 2012

our trip: the Jelly Belly Factory!

 not too many pics here, but I was so excited when I realized that the Jelly Belly Factory was so near to where we were staying - I've wanted to go for a while!

 during the 40 minute tour you're not allowed any cameras - and that was what most of being there was!  it was really fun, too!  my kids surprised me - while waiting in line they were ALL acting up (even Liam, who -until that point- had consistently been given the "good egg award") ... but during the tour they were actually interested and behaved quite nicely!  afterward they went back to being little pills, so the gift shop was cut short!  we got five bags of belly flops (three were for teachers and friends), a bag of black licorice jelly beans for Nana, Liam got some bubbles, and the big kids each got a pen!

then we went back "home".  I was over it - the misbehavior, that is.  I decided they just needed a little play and chill out time!

p.s.  those bags of belly flops, we had two for us, lasted less than two weeks - LOL!!!

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