Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our trip: some "official" pics!

so, given that I hadn't yet done Liam's "four year" photos ... oh heck, I wish it was only his - the most recent birthday - that I hadn't done yet!  but, as is evidenced by the lack of "proof" here on the blog, I hadn't done any of the kids "official birthday" pics.  Not Liam's, not Zoey's, not Jericho's, not even Annicka's ... and her birthday was three and a half months passed by the time of our trip!

so, I decided the Golden Gate Bridge (which I must mention that Annicka was semi-astounded by the fact that it's not actually gold in color - lol) might make a pretty neat background ... and a rare one at that!  the big problem was that I didn't know where to be to get a good angle for a background - none the less, I did still take some time and get pics of each of the kids to be their finally "official" b-day pics!

it was quite interesting to be there alone with four kids trying to do "good" photos ... with many people all around (which also made it hard not to get those people in the pics and required either waiting for the perfect moment or just getting the strangers in my children's photos) and the normal chaos of being out with four children!

but, we pulled it off ... good enough anyway!!!

so, here are the best of the bunch ... and some of the good "out-takes" too!  these pics are cute, hilarious, precious, beautiful, sweet, "perfect" captures of a moment in the lives of my children ... they definitely show character, and that I love!!!

(btw - these pics are in very random order)

Annicka - at eleven she is so not into the photo thing, this is what I got when asking her to please -for heaven's sake- open her eyes!  oh yes, my lovely Annicka, you are a beautiful girl - very impatient for photo taking on this day - but this is you.  you are eleven (and three plus months) and today you found a love for being behind the camera ... that was quite exciting for mama.  but, still, we shall be working on the in front part as well!!!

Jericho - at seven he is refusing to smile ... but I'll get it out of him!

we're getting there - but this is sure a silly look ... from an absolutely adorable little boy!

trying not to smile, still!  look at that cutie boy - oh my Jericho you are quite the boy, indeed!

he was just biding his time, waiting to be allowed to do a silly face - I figured I should oblige!

Liam - at four years old!  cherub face, big beautiful blue eyes, and your recent onset of excema!  I love you so much and love our days together with Zoey while the big kids are at school ... you're very bright and you make me smile ... you're also very ornery and have a habit of being very hurtful with words, we're working on that!  we LOVE you Liam, I promise that one day you'll realize that our refusal to let you have your way with everything is actually due to our love and how much we care about you!!

now that's one FAKE smile!!!

looking at the sights with big sissy!

the boys!

HA!  I caught a smile, a real smile!!

Zoey - two years old!  it took a "cookie" to keep you occupied just enough to get some photos, which meant lots of gooey drool and lots of wiping it away (which hadn't happened for this pic)!

sissy is holding Zoey's legs so she doesn't fall (she's on a bench) and I think she was
tickling her or being silly and got her laughing - so cute!

this is about the time she started doing this "strike a pose" thing!
she bends her knees -sometimes real far- and gives the camera a big, cheesy smile!

making a run for it!

Annicka got this one while I was unloading little kids!

this kid is awesome ... he just, IS!

air guitar.

loving it!

four beautiful blessings!

love. her. so. much.

so mischievous!!  so cute!!  so silly!!  so him!!

she's annoyed ... can ya tell?

the end.

and that wraps up our trip!

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