Thursday, January 17, 2013

wrapping up (November) ...

in wrapping up November:

Zoey got clean, lol!  no - but check out those amazing eyes!  I love her eyes so much!!!

I still can't believe my (loving) husband sent me a pack of reeses peanut butter cups - knowing full
well that I'm trying to lose weight!  oh wait, it gets worse, they were 1/2 pound peanut butter
cups!  yes, that's why I have that "shame shame" face up there in that pic (in which, incidentally, I 
managed to crop the pic and you can't even see the giant peanut butter cup - oh well)

Liam finally got to wear his "new" rain boots. new, as in, bought back in March!

Nana & Grandaddy arrived!!!

Annicka found a heart shaped corn flake!!

Zoey is really into books now, I'm guessing the reading every night (which isn't so consistent
now) really influenced/helped that!

there's that stupid frickin GIANT peanut butter cup again, Annicka is only pretending though - she
doesn't like anything with peanut butter in it!  (btw - I didn't have any of that one, my mom and
friend each ate half!  I did have a bit of the second one, that we froze, last month though!)

and, we started a earn/lose marble system!  
it was most successful with Liam ... however, we're not really doing it anymore!

and that's a wrap!
for November, anyway!

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