Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh that awful sick spell (November)

I think it was the sunday before thanksgiving that we noticed the "white bump" (actually, my older kids noticed) on Liam's hand!  a toy had been thrown his direction at preschool, which had cut him (I'm guessing he raised his hand to block it).  apparently the cut got infected and I, being the awesome mom I am, hadn't noticed!  (he got the cut wednesday, and it still just looked red friday)

anyway - I took him to urgent care that day (which is how I found out it was, indeed, infected) and the "doc" squeezed out the puss and gave us a prescription for a antibiotic cream to put on it.  no biggie.

... later that day, he started throwing up.  we went to the ER.  it was undetermined whether it was coincidence or related the infected cut.  argh.

... I can't even remember all the details, but by the day after Thanksgiving Jericho was throwing up.  over the course of about two weeks, each of the three youngest kids had battled something - if not two things.  it was hairy.  it was not a fun time.  I didn't enjoy it and frankly even remembering it now makes me very upset. 

I can't stand having sick kids, vomit especially bothers me - but just having them not feeling well is so upsetting and then you start worrying about their eating and their fluid and fevers and UGH!!

I'm so glad that is all behind us, phew!

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