Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Embrace It

Happy December!

By now, most of us who celebrate a holiday this season have begun the traditions of decorating!  We got started this past weekend!  So this morning as I sat here, admiring our tree, the words "embrace it" came to mind!

I've already lost track of how many posts across social media I've read in the past week regarding the decorating of a Christmas tree, but the message each time seemed to be: it must be perfect.  There was also a common theme of children helping and parents "fixing" later.

We decorated our tree as a family.  There was a certain teenager who, for whatever reason of the moment, refused to join in; but apart from that it was a family activity!  It was a time of fun & togetherness - with a mama requested group hug at the conclusion!

So, this morning as I sat quietly and gave it a good overview, I noticed things.  Our ornaments must get lonely easily, because they seem to be in clumps groups!  Some of them don't seem to know which way to face.  There's quite a few that are way down on the lowest branches, dangling into the blank under tree space.  Ninety-nine percent of the ornaments are on the "front" of the tree.  We've yet to put anything on top of the tree and, oh look, a random ornament (bought as a toy because it looks like Angelina ballerina) seems to be catching a nap on a branch under the twinkling lights.

Do you think my tree looks "perfect"?  Would it make it into a magazine?  Or be featured on a blog or Instagram page?  Nope.  I know it wouldn't, but I say it is perfect.

It's perfect because it was done in love - with all the excitement and anticipation of this most special season.  What joy my children had, after begging me and continually asking if it was yet "time to do the tree?"!  It's also perfect because it's a memory.  There may come a time where I stand in front of a Christmas tree alone, recalling memories with each ornament hung.  I can imagine myself wishing my children were still small, helping me make what many might call, a messy tree!

So I will continue as I have for a few years now.  I will not "fix" our Christmas tree.  I will embrace it for all that it is and all it represents.

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