Wednesday, May 20, 2015

chromosomally enhanced ...

do we have to talk about how I've totally failed this blog?  about how I keep promising it -and my kids reading this in the future- that I'll get back to it?  about how it really is our family "scrapbook" and I'm gonna have all these years of photos and stories missing?  about how instagram has taken over, and the find of chatbooks did not help the blog's case?  no?  oh good!!!

let's talk about Zoey Grace then, shall we?

the IG world started opening up for me about two months ago!  I realized that shops (for me, this means kids clothing & accessories) have IG pages to promote all their adorable stuff, I realized that there are shops out there that design absolutely amazing stuff for kids rocking their extra 21st chromosome, I realized I need a second income because I love buying all that cute stuff for Zoey Grace!  ha!  

anyways, here she is in one of our most favorite shirts!  it's from Littlest Warrior Apparel and we love it!!!

ya know what else I have been finding on IG?  this year has opened my eyes wider than ever to 
the growing population of kids and adults with down syndrome on IG!!!  I have been amazed to find 
out that I have been following some people that live right here in our area - that really blew
my mind!  I also have found that many, many of the folks I follow on IG who have littles blessed with that extra chromosome have adopted those precious blessings - I love that!!!
so here's to all the rockin kids, the rockin parents, and IG ...
I mean the blog, haha!
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