Monday, November 24, 2014

for daddy ...

 because I can't seem to fit blogging into my schedule ... but I know daddy really wants to see an update!  this one's for you, husband!!!

Annicka on her 14th birthday!!! 

 Jericho a week or two ago, very proud to be building drawers with me!!!
(Liam started with us, but fizzled out and watched Frozen while we finished up)

Liam with his newest stuffie, Olaf, as well as "Elephanty" - an older fave!!!
side note:  this kid is so much like his big sister!  he is obsessed with stuffies, as he calls them!!

and there's our Zoey - be still my heart look at that beautiful face!
this was today - she was making it snow in the garage (with a cotton ball)!
she misses her daddy greatly, I think she said "I want my daddy" daily this past week ...
sometimes several times in a day ... now that is hard!  poor baby!!

we are doing well, however!
we have our ups and downs.  a certain child is prone to giving me a run for my money -
but I am hanging in, and doing a lot of praying!  right now I have a huge focus on
the Lord and what he wants for our lives ... and how we can put Him back in the center
of all we do!  it's a challenge, for sure!  but, the Lord is faithful and full of grace!!

so there's the update for any and all, but especially for daddy!
hope you enjoy the pics!
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