Tuesday, July 29, 2014

keeping my word ...

the title sort of says it all! 
and yet, it tells one nothing!!

well, here it is:
Annicka has decided to return to public school!

yes, this is the girl who has told me for two years that she was "never going back to school"!
funny how things can change - and knock the socks off of mamas!!
and as much as I was looking forward to having my three oldest home with me,
and for that matter Zoey in the mornings before preschool - and as much as I was excited
to have less schedules trying to mesh up ... I always told Annicka that the
school thing was her decision!  she is the one that begged to homeschool ... and I was
thrilled to have her home!  and now, she is the one saying she wants to
go back, and so she shall.  I really can't blame her either - I told her I wanted her to
start thinking about returning for high school (honestly, at this point, all the
demands of homeschooling through high school just sort of terrify me) and she said she'd
rather go back this year, so she'll at least know people for high school.

good call.
I agree.

but I'm gonna miss her!!

these photos are from our Oregon trip!  
but they were taken in Washington - lol - at my friend's house!
(as you can see, my friend was also snapping a pic)
I had my friend fix up Annicka's hair for the photo shoot we were doing,
I love it when I can see her beautiful face - usually her hair is hanging all over it!

so, now it's looking like it will be me and the boys!
Zoey will be with us in the mornings and then go to preschool!
it's sure to be a busy year!!!

in order to ever get all these (literally hundreds) of photos to the blog I may have
to do as I've done here and just plop them on - with zero editing!
not sure I can quite stand that ... but with everything there is to do these days,
the blog may get pretty quiet!  we shall see!!
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