Friday, March 22, 2013

finishing up 2012!!!

so here's one of the reasons I think I'm slacking so much with the blog - instagram! never heard of it? what world do you live in?!!!

but, seriously, I post pics on there all the time!  and I guess now that I have my smart phone, I take most "daily" pics on there ... so I'm finding that I don't sit down to upload/edit pics as often, because I don't need to - because I barely use that awesome (expensive) camera!!!

I don't want these memories to just get lost "out there" - so I decided they'll have to come on over to the blog too! 

at this point I may not remember all the details (these pics are all from November/December 2012), but at least I've got these fun photos!!

p.s. if there are "..." - that's what I wrote on instagram!

my little set up at the holiday bazaar at the school!

after the Christmas parade, we went out for frozen yogurt!

I actually took a pic of myself!  I wanted to send a pic to the hubby!  
lame, I know - but hey, I tried!

back to the frozen yogurt shop! 
did I mention that the order of these pics went SO completely
random when they uploaded?!!!

every month our church has a get together for lunch (after church service) 
and this was the Christmas time one!  the kids each got to decorate a "tree"!!!

random pics of miss Zoey

what a silly boy!
"at bubba's assembly"
he was being a stinker!!!

"so proud of my boy"

"banana bread"

"mini cheese balls"

"pumpkin muffins"

ice cream night at awanas!!!

"focused on Caillou - lol"

" "C" is for chippies???  One of Zoey's favorite foods!"

"she loves her babies!"

"a little tv before we leave for language group"

"our tree is filling up with kid made ornaments"
yes - did I mention that we had a "hand-made" Christmas tree this year?
I thought it was pretty awesome!

"cheesin with nana"

"the other side of the tree"

"being a stinker about pics - this was the best I could get!  Wearing green to remember"

this was one of "Zoey's ladies" - as we call them!
for quite a while we worked with them - they would come to the house to
help with developmental stuff and if I had concerns, questions - all that!
this was the last day they came, so I had to get a pic of Zoey
with miss Chrystalynn (I knew we'd still see miss Lynn at language group)!

wearin mama's shades!!!

"cool guy!"

you know me and the sky!!!

found little mister Liam all snuggled up with Nana & Grandaddy one morning!

christmas art by Liam!
"I love Christmas art!"

ready to walk bubba to school ...

we made it a long walk that day! 
it was SO cold that stuff was frosty!

"who knew frosty grass could be so thrilling!  Guess it is the closest thing to snow that my kids have seen in four years!"

my friend ordered a cape tee for someone for Christmas!
I had a lot of fun making it!!!
p.s. the "S" is glow in the dark!!!

(back to our long walk)
"loving this long morning walk"

"I love Christmas jammies!"

Liam's new book from the Christmas book exchange at preschool!

"He did it!!  He got up on top of the monkey bars ... You can see a little fear in his face though - ha ha!"

"Last night we decided to have pizza!!!"

I think this is back to that long walk - lol

"I love my snazzy little lady!!!"

"You can't see it ... But he's on his new bike!  He's thrilled!!!"

"His first big boy bike - oh my gosh he loves it!!!"

"two sleepy boys"

"it's raining!!!"

"I still can't believe how into it he was!!!"

the gingerbread house!

"Merry Christmas Eve eve!!!"

"Team work was amazing at craft time!!!  The kids mad a fantastic gingerbread house!"

Annicka's foam gingerbread house - fun kit for her to do!

Nana with some of the kiddos!

"I am so loving our tree and all the kid made ornaments - new and old!!!"

"Happy nearly Christmas!!!  From Nana & Grandaddy"
Add caption

"Happy Christmas to all"
and yah, I can't rotate it on here??!!

the gingerbread man - he insisted!!!

"What a pic!!!  All my silly kids!!!"

awww - what a face!

Christmas morning!!!  presents!!!

"It's Christmas!!!"

"Finally it's charged and now he gets to drive it!!!"

"She was so into it this year - I love it!!!  My sweet "baby"!!"

"Didn't get a pic of Jericho with his "big" gift ... But the other three are happily showing theirs!  (He got a snake bite and I got a pic with my other camera)"

"She's getting off here ... but she got on and knew just what to do!"

we had second Christmas on Christmas night - all of Nana & Grandaddy's gifts!!!

pretty sky!

"Sweet moment captured!!!  So they CAN get along!!!"

"The sky tonight was SO blue - I had to take a pic!"

"Today we saw a rainbow ... Love that."

"Talking to daddy!"

"Happy church day!!!"

we were in the paper!!!

"A little wine and a little cheese ball - Happy New Year's Eve!!!"

"Less than an hour now!!!  Looking forward to 2013!!!"

and that, finally, completes 2012!!!

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