Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas Eve (December)

so, I decided to just put ALL the pics from Christmas Eve in one post!  (ok - ALL the pics from the camera!  we haven't even talked about the fact that I now take a lot of pics on my *new* iPhone - therefore I'll be needing to get those on here as well!)  here's the recap:

while Zoey stayed cozy and cuddled with Nana, they watched the big
kids enjoy their new bikes!!!  so much fun - the kids LOVE those bikes!

(I love how Liam is skipping along in the background - lol)

he's pretty proud of his new big bike!
(also to note - he is super fast now on the balance bike I got him back at the MooLaLa sale
in October - he finally got interested in it this year -2013- and is crazy about it ... he
calls it his motorcycle!)

Mama bought a gingerbread man kit ... Liam had done a gingerbread project of some sort at preschool
and just raved about it and wanted so badly to make gingerbread men - this was the best I could do!
they loved it!

we had a bit of Christmas "early" so daddy could be a part of it all!
it was so fun ... the kids opened their gifts from daddy so he could see them!
the boys absolutely loved their little uniforms!

Zoey is so excited to see daddy!!!

how did he get in there?  lol!

Zoey enjoying her gift from my friend - it's a happy napper!  prettyfun!

the boys actually got in on it and helped me wrap the gifts they had picked for their
siblings!  it was so cute how Liam was sneaking each gift to the tree, that I just had to take
some pics!  he did a great job!!!  and look at that cute face of his!!!

here's the "break down" pic ... each kid had a pile!  plus a pile for my parents AND a pile
of the gifts that were for the kids to share (whether all of them, or the boys - that would be the
star wars poster for their room, etc.)  I like doing it this way - I also give them each a specific
wrapping paper for their "Santa" gifts - it's less confusing that way!!!

just had to get some close ups of how cute these gifts from a kid to another kid are!
I tried to encourage the giving spirit this year by letting the kids (which ended up only being
the boys, cause I didn't set a price limit and Jericho, especially, was very generous!  but don't worry
I had gifts already that the girls were able to give too) pick out gifts for each other!
it might have helped, a little!  ha ha!!!

and then the pretty pic of our Christmas room (aka the dining room) all ready for Christmas morning!

and that, was Christmas Eve.
in pics.
there's a lot not in pics too!
like the stories and the milk and cookies for Santa,
the hugs and the smiles and the laughter!
good times.

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