Thursday, December 13, 2012

trick OR treat!!! (October)

 for trick or treating we were invited to a friends to go as a group and I gotta say - it was a blast!
we went to our friends' house for dinner (delicious) and then the whole lot of us headed out
for candy getting!  I snapped these group pics before we all hit the pavement ...
 my four are on the left - Zoey in the stroller, Annicka behind the stroller, 
Liam next to Annicka, and Jericho next to Liam
 1-Liam loved his costume!  he called himself "a police", though technically it was a swat team costume!  I still think the only reason he chose it was because of all the fun "stuff" that came attached to it!  (flashlight, handcuffs, and like five other things!)
2-third year as a vampire, and Annicka is so not into having her pics taken - but clearly I still manage my mamarazzi skills fairly well
3-little Zoey trying to lick a still wrapped lollipop!
4-little Zoey giving me a big CHEESE
5-Jericho was Darth Vader, he was spoiled this year and even got the gloves and light saber to go with the costume!
6-he was so excited and so cute going up and getting his candy at each house
7-my friend was his buddy that night, he even said "I love you, now I'm in love with two people" ... uh, awkward son - but you're still little so it's still adorable (in case I never mentioned it, the other person he's in love with is one of his teachers - clearly he's going for the mature ladies)
8-awww that sweet face, we'll repeat that photo later cause it's just so lovely
9-look at that, told you my mamarazzi skills were ON, it's vampire Annicka again!

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