Friday, November 23, 2012

a costume and a dance (October)

 so, it finally happened ... 
I decided to make a costume!
I knew Zoey had to be Snow White this year ...
she is, after all, the fairest in the land - so it was only fitting!
the problem was, I couldn't find a decent Snow White costume in her size -
I wanted the classic colors, but something semi-warm and different!
I might note, I'm glad of my choice - I saw a lot of Snow Whites and it was 
nice that Zoey was unique, but -hopefully- still recognizable!
anyway, I ended up whipping out this costume on the day of the school's fall dance ...
I worked like mad and finished it just in the knick of time!
it was definitely not perfect, but I felt like it turned out pretty cute!
and she looked like a true princess!

 I had all four of my kids at the fall dance - but the two oldest were not having
the picture thing ... like, at all.  hence, the pics of Zoey and then just these couple of Liam -
enjoying his pizza and enjoying a fun "get the apple" game!

none of my kids would dance with me (and Liam and Annicka were plugging their ears and
truly not enjoying the loud music) so I took Zoey out of her stroller and she danced with
me, but it was all a little overwhelming for her - so it was short lived ... and really she
just wanted to run off and be independent!  of course!!

we had a really fun time though, the three oldest kids all got their name called for a prize
(drawing) and that was pretty neat!  another fun evening together, love it!

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